The key to this is "no" - no to people who don't live the kind of life you want reflected back on you; no to nights out that might be more productively be spent in; no to the life that society dictates to you; no to the life well-meaning loved ones dictate to you; no to extra cheese; no to the third snooze button; no to the first alarm; no to okcupid dates with guys who categorize themselves as "really nice and respectful of women" (if you have to say it...); no to inhibitions; no to reputations; no to another couple of years hovering above minimum wage; no to being the inverse of what you were, just to see if that fixes things.

"Post-Post-Grad" | Emma Marie Martin


Wandered fields of daisies, old trains and train tracks, and the beach one evening with Jensen. I love her gypsy dreaming soul - she's so freaking cute. The sunlight was magic as we twirled into the woods. I tucked away our phones and pulled out the granola as we watched the sun go down, listening to a guitar singalong just down the beach from us. Another adventure where I felt free and invincible and full of life.

There was one moment where a passerby noticed our gypsy-like clothing and running around the fields. It's easy to automatically feel self-conscious and not continue on our adventure. BUT. I noted, does it really matter what someone else thinks of our adventure, which we are so clearly loving? No. With long fringed cardigans, wool hats, cutoffs, and floral crowns, yes it may be 'different' to some but it's me (and her) and nothing.else.matters. Remember: don't let the (possible) perception or views from others affect your life and doings and adventures. Ever. Just do you and be awesome.

I go back and forth on sharing photos on here - sometimes photos take the place of writing out words on adventures and thoughts. I can see the light at the end of college - crazy, I know - it's clear to me that really focusing on writing is important. Please send writing vibes :) but hey SUMMER! I like you. A lot.



Drove up to Cafe Rosetta for brunch and coffee with a good friend - the kind where we can pick right up again months later. Especially loved our long conversation on health, wealth, meditation, and what's good for the soul.



Loving ice cream, denim, vintage snapbacks, sunset watching on a mattress in the bed of a truck, hot coffee, and killer skies.



Quite the lightning show from the front porch, every time.



Jensen and I drove out to the lake on a grey Sunday afternoon. All I need is a blanket and a cup of coffee to curl up by the lake. Ran around on the break wall rocks just like old times until the fog covered the shoreline and the storm clouds rolled in.



Toes squishing around in the sand, lips brushing the edge of a steaming cup of coffee, the sway of the hammock in the lake breeze, marshmallow tasting in the afternoon, and a favorite view from the small sauna window.